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11 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Summer Camps

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Children love being in summer camps! Summer camps offer them a unique educational experience, beyond the confines of a traditional classroom. Enrolling children in summer camps yields numerous benefits, fostering their personal, social, and even academic growth. These camps play a vital role in the child’s development by nurturing their social skills and fostering independence while creating lifelong cherished moments.

Enroll your child in Learner Circle's summer camp now! :

Let’s explore and highlight a few incredible opportunities that a summer camp provides:

Creativity free of judgment: With a fresh start at summer camps, a child can engage in judgment-free creativity without worrying about failing grades or academic pressures. Summer camps prioritize exploration and self-expression rather than scoring well in tests or completing assignments. Within its supportive setting, children have the freedom to flourish and express themselves without fear of being judged.

A chance to develop new skills: Virtual summer camps are a unique opportunity for children to learn various skills from the comfort of their homes. They offer a diverse range of interests such as arts and crafts, music, dance, creative writing and coding. These programs are designed for children to explore possibilities, pursue passion and achieve their potential. The online format allows students to avail expert instructors and valuable resources from anywhere in the world, giving them a rich and varied learning experience. Furthermore, children can pursue hobbies which they could not pursue at school.

Provides an organised routine: Summer camps are highly beneficial for children as they set a daily routine for them. Commitment to classes gives a feeling of predictability and a fixed schedule with planned activities which is helpful for their well-being and productivity. Children who follow a planned schedule are better able to manage their time, as they remain engaged throughout the day and benefit from a variety of leisure, creative, and learning activities. Besides encouraging responsibility and discipline, this system gives kids time-management and goal-setting skills.

Provides intellectual growth: A summer break can be monotonous in the absence of a structured educational activity. Children often find themselves with ample free time and a temptation to indulge in excessive screen activities or video games. However, enrolling them in a summer camp offers a valuable solution by keeping them intellectually engaged. By participating in productive activities, children can make the most of their free time and utilize summer break as an opportunity for intellectual growth.

Global socialization: Virtual summer camps expose kids to a global classroom that includes instructors and peers from various socio-economic backgrounds. This gives them social awareness while providing insights into various cultures and perspectives.

Builds memories for life: A virtual platform is an ideal space to connect and engage with individuals around the world with similar interests. These interactions can play a groundwork for their future professional lives and they may even end up making lifelong penpals. The bond formed with peers from different backgrounds and cultures is unique. These experiences, along with the fun of learning new skills, build lasting and meaningful memories for them.

Sense of Accomplishment: Since learning a new skill requires setting objectives, conquering obstacles and improving oneself constantly, it gives an immense sense of accomplishment. It also boosts their independence and self-motivation, Acquiring a new skill instills a sense of pride and fulfilment. With the guidance of skilled instructors in virtual summer camps, children can develop discipline and a sense of responsibility as they work to learn and master their newly acquired talents.

STEM education: A summer camp is a perfect time to think out of the box. If your child likes to dive deep into technology.., STEM education can be a great option. STEM stands for much more than Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It incorporates an exclusive approach to teaching and learning that focuses on individual learning styles and interests. STEM education integrates different fields of knowledge, emphasising technology. Knowledge of coding, programming and artificial intelligence gives children the much-needed edge to help in more such technological explorations in their learning journey.

Connecting to our roots: During the academic year, students cannot take time from their busy study schedules to engage in hobbies that allow them to connect with their cultural heritage and appreciate the beauty of dance and music. Carnatic and Western music programs offered in summer camps provide excellent vocal training opportunities. Children can showcase their talent on social media or participate in stage performances once a certain level of proficiency is attained. Learning classical dances like Bharatanatyam and Bollywood dance can be a rewarding skill, besides being an excellent form of exercise in the long term. Children would gladly embrace a fitness routine that involves dancing to Bollywood music or practising the intricate steps of Bharatanatyam.

Boosts Academic Performance: A break from school doesn't necessarily imply a halt to academic growth. Taking up courses like creative writing and mental math at summer camps can equip students with valuable skills, enabling them to return to school with enhanced knowledge and enthusiasm. These courses can be beneficial for their academics and can accelerate their learning process. Investing time in a course that focuses on times tables practice can be a great choice. It reduces calculation time and increases speed and accuracy in mathematical computations.

Entering Entrepreneurship: Teaching entrepreneurship and financial literacy to children at a young age boosts their creativity and problem-solving abilities. It motivates them to dream big and consider starting their own business. They gain knowledge of the practical elements of financial management, marketing, branding, and company planning. A course on entrepreneurship and financial literacy will help in building their confidence and preparing them for future endeavors through practical activities, critical thinking exercises, and pitching competitions.

Summer camp 2023 at Learner Circle

Learner Circle provides a range of courses this summer, catering to children with varied interests. We have

  • STEM courses- Python coding, Scratch coding, Introduction to AI tools

  • Music- Carnatic vocal, Western vocal

  • Dance- Bharatanatyam, Bollywood dance

  • Math - Mastering times tables, Rubik’s cube

  • Entrepreneur mindset- Entrepreneurship, Financial Intelligence

Quality education assured

Our panel of skilled and experienced instructors will be coaching the students in summer camp classes. Having expertise in various subjects, they provide a fun and enriching learning experience. We assure you that their dedication and expertise will make this summer camp an exceptional educational journey for every student who participates.

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