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Unlock the future with AI tools and watch your creativity soar!

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Welcome to our AI Workshop for Kids!

Unlock the potential of artificial intelligence and embark on an exciting learning journey with our AI Workshop for Kids. Designed specifically for young minds, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating world of AI in a fun and interactive environment.

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Why Choose Our Workshop:

Expert Instructors: Our workshop is led by experienced instructors who specialize in teaching AI concepts to kids. They create a supportive and engaging learning environment where children can thrive.

Interactive Learning: We prioritize hands-on, interactive learning experiences to ensure that children stay engaged and retain the information better. Our workshop includes a mix of activities, discussions, and multimedia presentations.

Safe and Inclusive Environment: We foster an inclusive environment where every child's voice is heard and respected. We encourage collaboration and teamwork while celebrating diversity.

Future-Ready Skills: By participating in our AI Workshop, your child will develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity – essential skills for the future. They will gain a solid foundation in AI concepts and be inspired to pursue further exploration in this exciting field.

Fun and Excitement: Learning about AI doesn't have to be dull! Our workshop is designed to be fun and exciting, capturing children's imagination and igniting their passion for technology.

Parental Engagement: We value the importance of parental involvement and provide opportunities for parents to actively participate and support their child's AI learning journey.

Meet Your Mentor

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Anuradha Venkatachalam

Co-founder & Mentor of Learner Circle

Anuradha is a seasoned entrepreneur with over a decade of experience. With a global background in community building, she has had collaborations with government organizations in the culture and education sector. She is passionate about exploring Artificial Intelligence and spreading awareness about its unlimited possibilities among young learners. Along with her enthusiasm for digital marketing, Anuradha is a children’s book author and professional storyteller.

Learner Circle's FREE AI Workshop

Join us for an interesting session where you will learn how to use AI Tools to make your daily tasks easier! Parents can also your kids.

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