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Anita Joshi


Anita Joshi is a competent Sanskrit instructor, having an 

experience of teaching 6th to 10th grade students for 

over 3 years. Additionally she is gifted with Hindustani 

classical music skills. 

She has had a successful career as an EPFO official for 

around 20 years. 

Having a masters degree in commerce, Amita pursued a

 level 3 certification in Sanskrit language from the 

reputed Sanskrit Bharati institute. Having a Sangeeth 

Visharad in Hindustani Classical Music from Gandhava 

Mahavidyalaya, gave her proficiency in Hindustani 

classical music. 

Amita aims to teach Sanskrit to young aspirants from

 the basics, and encourages them  to develop a passion

 and appreciation  for the Sanskrit language and it's 

cultural heritage

Anita Joshi
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