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Akshaya Hareesh

Carnatic Vocal

Akshaya Hareesh is an experienced Carnatic music 

instructor, who has been teaching basics of Carnatic music

bajan and slokas to the students.

An architect by profession, she followed her passion to 

pursue a career in music, as the beauty of carnatic music

appealed to her soul. 

She is skilled at teaching both basic and advanced level

learners and has a talent to understand the unique 

learning style of students. 

Akshaya has participated in several contests and won 

awards for her exceptional music skills. She has also 

organised many events and received praise for her 


Akshaya's goal is to inspire her students to develop a

lifelong love and appreciation of music and help them

achieve their maximum potential in their talent.

Akshaya Hareesh
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