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No. 1 Online Drawing Classes For Kids

Sketching Secrets 

Unleash Your Creative Skills

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Welcome to our Sketching Secrets Summer class

Welcome to our summer program, designed meticulously for creatively aligned children and those who need more confidence in their artistic skills. 

Why Choose Our Summer class:

 The fundamentals of drawing

 Help you explore the nuances of colour tones

Teach you the art of using layers in digital applications

 Delve into various artistic media

Provide insights into composition techniques

Culminating with the completion of your own captivating webcomic/story

Meet Your Mentor

Mr. Prabhuram

Prabhuram is a Product Manager by day and Illustrator and Chef by night. I'm passionate about teaching visual skills to create a more colorful world. With a background in product management and a love for art and culinary adventures, I enjoy empowering others to express their creativity and make a positive impact. Join me on this journey of self-expression and let's create a vibrant world together!

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Learner Circle's Sketching Secrets Class

Join us this summer and embark on an artistic journey filled with inspiration, knowledge and creative expression. Your art will never be the same again! Enrol now to secure your spot in this transformative course and let your imagination soar!

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