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Young Author Curriculum
Session 1: Introduction to Story Elements

• Recap of Structure/Elements of a story (Setting, Characters, Plot, Problem,
• Exercise: Fill up the elements of a story.
Session 2: Understanding Story Structure
• Reinforcing elements of a story.
• Discussing and analyzing children’s homework stories.
Session 3: Exploring Different Genres
• Introduction to Genre.
• Homework: Bring one example in each genre and identify the genre they will
write about.
Session 4: Introduction to Poetry
• Deep dive into Forms of Poetry: Line break, Stanza, Rhyme or Rhythm, Repetition,
Imagery, and Alliteration.
• Forms of poetry exploration.
Session 5: Reinforcing Poetry Elements
• Homework review: Identifying elements of a given poem.
• Analyzing elements of another poem.
Session 6: Comparing and Contrasting Stories
• Compare and contrast two stories.
• Highlighting story elements in each story.
• Brainstorming ideas for personal storybooks.
Session 7: Generating Story Plots

• Germinate multiple plots.
• Brainstorming various plot ideas.
Session 8: Shaping Plot Structure
• Shaping up the plot for the story.
• Homework: Complete a story based on chosen plot.
Session 9: Refining Plot Details
• Refining the plot for the story.
• Homework: Enhance the plot further.
Session 10: Developing Story Setting
• Defining the Setting of the story.
• Homework: Enhance the setting with creativity.
Session 11: Creating Story Characters
• Defining the characters of the story.
• Homework: Enhance the characters.
Session 12: Developing Characters
• Developing main characters and side-kicks.
• Homework: Further enhance the characters.
Session 13: Adding Depth to the Problem
• Adding layers to the problem of the story.
• Homework: Finalize the problem.
Session 14: Debate on Story Problems
• Debating each other's story problems.
• Homework: Finalize the problem.
Session 15: Crafting Story Solutions

• Identifying the solution of the problem.
• Homework: Finalize and refine the solution.
Session 16: Finalizing Story Elements
• Analyzing if the solution has any loose ends.
• Shaping up the entire story.
• Homework: Finalize the story and begin proofreading.

Young Author(16 Sessions)

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  • Level 1

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