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The story unfolds in two chapters, each detailing a different tale of survival In the first chapter, the protagonist and their friends experience a weekend filled with excitement and danger, culminating in a terrifying discovery at a theme park.
In the second chapter, they face a harrowing ordeal when they are kidnapped while on a trip to Japan, enduring captivity and danger at the hands of terrorists. Despite the odds, they manage to orchestrate their escape and return home, where they grapple with the aftermath of their traumatic experience. Through resilience, friendship, and courage, they navigate the challenges they face, emerging stronger and more determined to embrace life's uncertainties.
Learner Circle is a forward-thinking EdTech platform focused on delivering interactive online extracurricular and skill development classes specialized for children. Our platform offers a diverse set of courses, each providing comprehensive learning experiences. We prioritize specific learning outcomes as milestones throughout our students' educational journey. By offering a variety of courses and hosting regular events, we strive to provide a well-rounded, multi-dimensional learning experience for every child.

The Great Escape

  • Sahil Mirchandani

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