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Age : 9 to 16 years

Sessions: 10 sessions camps (2 weeks)


The AI course will take a comprehensive approach, focusing on two key areas. Firstly, as a user of AI technology, students will explore the technical developments across various fields. They will gain exposure to the most recent innovations and understand their applications. 


Secondly, as aspiring developers,  students will learn how to apply AI to solve problems in the real world . They will learn how to create efficient AI solutions using Additionally, they will explore how AI can be integrated into mobile app environments to provide creative problem-solving capabilities.


Through this course, Learner Circle seeks to give students a comprehensive grasp of AI, enabling them to both utilise AI technology as developers in many contexts and benefit from it as users.



App Design, Development, Debugging knowledge is required to complete this course. However, please be assured that no pre-requisite is required to join the course! 

These App development topics would be covered in the sessions. For children who are familiar with these concepts, other additional AI concepts would be covered.


Introduction of AI tools

$299.00 Regular Price
$249.00Sale Price
    • What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
    • Examples of AI in everyday life
    • Interactive discussion on AI technologies they may be familiar with
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