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Session 1: Introduction to Bollywood Dance

  • Warm-up exercises to prepare the body for dance.

  • Introduction to basic Bollywood dance movements like hand gestures (mudras) and footwork.

  • Practice simple dance steps with upbeat Bollywood music.

Session 2: Bollywood Dance Posture and Expression

  • Focus on maintaining proper posture and expression while dancing.

  • Learn how to convey emotions through facial expressions.

  • Practice combining basic steps with expressions.

Session 3: Bollywood Dance Hand Gestures (Mudras)

  • Introduction to different hand gestures used in Bollywood dance (mudras).

  • Practice various mudras and their meanings.

  • Incorporate mudras into dance routines.

Session 4: Introduction to Bollywood Music and Rhythm

  • Learn about the elements of Bollywood music, including rhythm and melody.

  • Practice dancing to different rhythms commonly found in Bollywood songs.

  • Choreograph simple dance sequences to popular Bollywood tunes.

Week 2: Bollywood Dance Moves and Techniques

Session 5: Basic Bollywood Dance Moves

  • Learn fundamental Bollywood dance moves like the thumka, jhatkas, and hip shakes.

  • Practice coordination and timing while executing the moves.

  • Combine basic steps into a short dance routine.

Session 6: Bollywood Dance Footwork

  • Focus on footwork techniques such as chakkars (spins) and steps like the grapevine.

  • Practice footwork drills to improve coordination and agility.

  • Incorporate footwork into dance routines.

Session 7: Introduction to Bollywood Fusion

  • Explore the concept of Bollywood fusion by blending traditional Indian dance styles with contemporary moves.

  • Learn fusion dance steps and combinations.

  • Choreograph a fusion dance routine to a modern Bollywood song.

Session 8: Bollywood Dance Performance Skills

  • Practice stage presence and performance skills.

  • Learn how to engage with the audience while performing.

  • Rehearse dance routines with emphasis on expression and energy.

Week 3: Bollywood Dance Styles and Themes

Session 9: Bollywood Folk Dance Styles

  • Introduction to various folk dance styles from different regions of India, such as Bhangra, Garba, and Dandiya.

  • Learn basic steps and movements of folk dances.

  • Incorporate folk dance elements into Bollywood routines.

Session 10: Bollywood Dance Themes and Storytelling

  • Explore how Bollywood dance often tells a story or conveys a theme.

  • Discuss common themes in Bollywood songs and movies.

  • Choreograph a themed dance routine and focus on storytelling through movements.

Session 11: Bollywood Group Dance

  • Practice dancing in a group and maintaining synchronization with other dancers.

  • Learn formations and transitions for group dance performances.

  • Rehearse a group Bollywood dance routine.

Session 12: Bollywood Dance Props and Accessories

  • Introduce the use of props and accessories in Bollywood dance, such as scarves, sticks, or fans.

  • Practice incorporating props into dance routines.

  • Choreograph a dance routine that features props and accessories.

Week 4: Bollywood Dance Performance and Celebration

Session 13: Rehearsal and Performance Preparation

  • Review and polish dance routines learned throughout the program.

  • Conduct dress rehearsals and make any necessary adjustments.

  • Discuss stage etiquette and performance logistics.

Session 14: Bollywood Dance Showcase

  • Perform dance routines for family and friends in a showcase event.

  • Celebrate achievements and progress made during the program.

  • Encourage participants to showcase their skills and creativity on stage.

Session 15: Dance Reflection and Feedback

  • Reflect on the journey and experiences gained from learning Bollywood dance.

  • Provide feedback and encouragement to participants.

  • Discuss future dance goals and aspirations.

Session 16: Bollywood Dance Party

  • End the program with a Bollywood dance party celebration.

  • Dance to favorite Bollywood songs and showcase newly learned moves.

  • Celebrate the joy of dance and the bonds formed throughout the program.

Bollywood Dance(16 Sessions)

$500.00 Regular Price
$400.00Sale Price
  • Level 1


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