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Course Duration: 16 Sessions 
Age: Kids - 4 to 19 & Adult - 20 to 70 +

Abacus Beginner (16 Sessions)

$350.00 Regular Price
$299.00Sale Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
1:1 Monthly
$175.00every month for 2 months
1:2 One time payment
$199.00every month until canceled
1:2 Monthly
$125.00every month for 2 months
    • Notebook

    • Pen

    • Abacus Tool

  • Session 1: Introduction to Abacus and Basics of Bead Value

    • Holding the abacus kit, six-finger abacus movement

    • Understanding the value of beads

    Session 2: Drawing Beads for Given Values

    • Drawing beads for addition and subtraction of upper beads

    Session 3: Bead Value Identification and Drawing Practice

    • Exercises on finding the value of beads

    • Drawing beads for given values

    Session 4: Manipulation with Hands and Upper Bead Math

    • Practicing addition and subtraction of upper beads

    • Using both hands for manipulation

    Session 5: Addition and Subtraction Practice

    • Exercises on addition and subtraction

    Session 6: Upper and Lower Bead Addition Simultaneously

    • Learning to add upper and lower beads simultaneously

    • Solving exercises and worksheets

    Session 7: Upper and Lower Bead Addition Practice

    • Solving multiple exercises and worksheets

    Session 8: Addition and Subtraction Simultaneously

    • Further exercises on addition and subtraction simultaneously

    Session 9: Subtraction Practice and Lower Bead Manipulation

    • Subtraction of upper and lower beads simultaneously

    • Practicing subtraction exercises

    Session 10: Subtraction of Upper and Lower Beads

    • More exercises on subtracting upper and lower beads

    Session 11: Combination of Addition and Subtraction

    • Adding upper and subtracting lower beads simultaneously

    Session 12: Combination of Subtraction and Addition

    • Subtracting upper and adding lower beads simultaneously

    Session 13: Combination Practice and Revision

    • Practicing addition and subtraction combinations

    • Reviewing previously learned concepts

    Session 14: Advanced Combination Practice

    • More practice on complex combinations

    Session 15: Subtraction from Lower to Higher Order

    • Combining subtraction from lower to higher order rods

    Session 16: Worksheets, Assessment, and Recap

    • Solving worksheets for assessment

    • Recapping all learned concepts and techniques

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