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Are You Promoting Healthy Eating Habits for Your Child?

Take this Quiz to Find Out

Question 1: How many servings of fruits and vegetables do you typically serve your child each day?

a) 3-4 servings b) 1-2 servings c) I rarely serve them fruits and vegetables

Question 2: How often do you and your child consume fast food?

a) Rarely or never b) Once in a week c) 3-4 times in a week

Question 3: When your child requests for something sweet, what is your typical response?

a) I offer healthier sweet alternatives like fruits.

b) I set limits and offer sweets occasionally c) I allow them to have sweets whenever they want

Question 4: Do you involve your child in meal planning or cooking healthy meals?

a) Yes, frequently b) Rarely c) Never

Question 5: Do you discuss the importance of drinking more water with your child? How do you encourage them to drink more water?

a) Yes, I do educate them about the benefits of water. I make water easily accessible and encourage it regularly. b) We rarely talk about the health benefits of water. I don’t keep track of their water intake c) I am okay if they prefer sugary drinks over water

Question 6: What is your take on using food as a reward for your child’s behaviour?

a) We don’t equate food with reward. Food is eaten to satisfy our nutritional needs. b) I sometimes use food as a reward, to handle difficult situations c) My children are very fond of food. I use food to reward them, frequently

Question 7: What does a typical mealtime at your home look like?

a) We have family meals without distractions b) We do not eat together, we have meals at our convenience c) We/my kids eat while watching TV

Question 8: How do you define portion sizes of your child’s meals?

a) I serve them age-appropriate portions and advise them to eat only as much as their appetite allows them b) I let them decide their portions c) I make sure they eat their full

Question 9: Do you provide nutritional education to your child, and the importance of healthy eating?

a) Yes, we regularly have discussions about ways to keep healthy b) Rarely c) Never

Question 10: How often do you check food labels for nutritional information when buying food products?

a) Always b) Sometimes c) Never

Scoring: For each A answer, assign 1 point

For each B answer, assign 2 points

For each C answer, assign 3 points

Interpreting the results:

7-10 points- You are on the right track in promoting healthy eating habits for your child. Your efforts to serve fruits and vegetables, limit junk food, and provide nutritional education are commendable. Keep up the good work!

12-17 points- There is room for improvement in promoting healthy eating habits for your child. Consider increasing the servings of fruits and vegetables and reducing junk food consumption. Try offering healthier alternatives and reducing junk food and sweet consumption. Encouraging family meals and involving our child in meal planning can also help in developing better eating habits.

20 points and above- There is a significant need for improvement in your child’s eating habits. It is crucial to make changes to your approach to ensure your child’s health and well-being. Educating your child about the importance of nutritionally balanced food may work wonders. Small changes can make a significant difference in your child’s health.

To find more tips on promoting healthy eating habits in your child, read our blog now: A Parent's Guide to Cultivating Healthy Eating Habits in Kids

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