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Is Your Child Struggling With Homework? Take the Quiz to find out!

Child struggling with homework

Homework can be challenging for kids, and it is essential to understand their experiences. Take this quiz to determine if your child might be facing difficulties with their homework.

Question 1: How do your children react when it’s time to do homework? a) They are excited and are eager to get. b) They show mild resistance but eventually sit down to work.

c) They often procrastinate or become upset.

Question 2: How often do your children require assistance with their homework? a) Rarely or never. b) Occasionally, when they have questions. c) Almost every time.

Question 3: How would you describe your child’s attitude towards school, in general? a) They love school and are highly motivated to attend school. b) They are punctual to school but do not show a great deal of excitement. c) They often express frustration or disinterest towards the work related to school. Question 4: Are there any noticeable changes in your child’s academic performance? a) They consistently perform well. b) Their grades fluctuate. c) Their grades have declined recently.

Question 5: How much time does your child spend on homework each day? a) They plan well and complete homework quickly. b) They struggle but complete it eventually. c) They cannot get through without help and often leave homework incomplete.

Question 6: Do your children experience stress or anxiety related to homework? a) Not at all b) Occasionally c) Frequently Question 7: How do your children react when they encounter a challenging homework assignment? a) They tackle it with enthusiasm. b) They seek help but continue to work on it. c) They often give up or get frustrated.

Question 8: How often do your children express a desire to skip homework? a) Rarely or never b) Occasionally c) Frequently


Give 1 point for each (a) answer,

Give 2 points for each (b) answer,

Give 3 points for each c answer.


8-12 points: Your child seems to be handling homework well

13-20 points: Your child is facing challenges staying up-to-date with their homework, but you can help them by following suitable strategies.

21-24 points: Your child is struggling with homework, if help is not extended, they may end up feeling stressed and having a negative outlook towards school.

If your child is struggling with their homework, our comprehensive blog is here to help you with expert advice and effective strategies to help them.

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