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Is Your Child’s Creativity and Imagination Thriving? Let’s Take a Quiz to Find Out!

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

1. How often do you engage in creative activities with your child, such as art, music, or craft projects?

a. Frequently. We enjoy creative activities together regularly.

b. Occasionally, but we could be involved in more creative pursuits.

c. Rarely. We don't engage in creative projects often.

2. What role does storytelling play in your child's life?

a. We read books together, and they love narrating their own stories.

b. We read together sometimes, but they don't create stories independently.

c. We rarely engage in storytelling activities.

3. How often do you encourage your child to solve puzzles and think creatively?

a. We have puzzles and brain-teaser games, and they enjoy finding solutions.

b. We have puzzles, but they don't use them often.

c. We don't have many puzzles or brain-teaser games.

4. How do you react when your child comes up with an unconventional idea or project?

a. We encourage their creativity and help them explore the idea.

b. We're open to their ideas but sometimes guide them toward more practical options.

c. We tend to discourage unconventional ideas in favour of more traditional approaches.

5. Does your child enjoy unstructured playtime where they can use their imagination freely?

a. Yes, they love playing make-believe and creating their own worlds.

b. Sometimes, but they often rely on structured activities.

c. No, they prefer screen time and structured activities.

6. How often do you provide diverse experiences to stimulate your child's imagination?

a. We regularly visit museums, nature parks, and other enriching places.

b. Occasionally, when we have the opportunity.

c. Rarely, we tend to stick to familiar places.

7. Do you encourage your child to express their ideas and opinions freely, even if they're unconventional?

a. Yes, we celebrate their unique perspectives and ideas.

b. Sometimes, but we sometimes steer them towards conventional thinking.

c. No, we prefer them to follow established norms.

8. Do you involve your child in problem-solving discussions or decisions at home?

a. Yes, we include them in discussions and value their input.

b. Sometimes, but we often make decisions for them.

c. No, we don't involve them in such discussions.

9. How do you respond when your child asks questions about complex or abstract topics?

a. We engage in meaningful conversations and try to find answers together.

b. We answer their questions but sometimes steer them towards an easily

understandable explanation

c. We often dismiss their questions or provide brief answers.

  • For each A answer, assign 1 point

  • For each B answer, assign 2 points

  • For each C answer, assign 3 points

Interpreting the Results:
  • 5-8 points: Your child's creativity and imagination are flourishing! You're doing a great job nurturing these essential skills.

  • 9-12 points: Your child's creativity and imagination are in good shape, but there's room for improvement.

  • 13-16 points: It's time to focus on nurturing your child's creativity and imagination.

Remember, each child is unique, and the quiz is just a starting point. If you have concerns about your child's creative development, our blog can provide additional guidance and support to help them thrive in the digital age.

Our blog “ Unleashing The Creative Genius in Your Child: Why Creativity Is The Key to Success” is a valuable resource for parents like you who are passionate about empowering their children to thrive in a world that craves innovative thinkers and imaginative problem solvers.

At Learner Circle, we're committed to fostering creativity and imagination in your child through a diverse range of courses, including music, dance, chess, mental math, abacus, and European languages.

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to witness your child's creativity and imagination thrive with Learner Circle. Join us in this journey of discovery and skill-building, and watch your child's talents flourish!

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