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Are your kids stressed?

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Take the following quiz to find out if you can identify signs of stress in children.

1) How does your child feel most mornings before going to school?

a) Excited and ready to go

b) Neutral or calm

c) Anxious or worried

2) Is your child excited about homework and school projects in general?

a) They find them manageable and not too stressful

b) They can be a little stressful but usually get through them

c) They feel very stressed about homework and school projects

3) Does your child have trouble concentrating on tasks?

a) No, they can concentrate well

b) Sometimes they get distracted but can refocus

c) Yes, they often find it difficult to concentrate

4) How would you describe your child's mood in general?

a) Usually happy and positive

b) Ups and downs, but mostly fine

c) Frequently irritable, sad, or anxious

5) How does your child manage time and responsibilities?

a) Organized and good time management skills

b) They struggle at times but can usually catch up

c) They often feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities

6) How does your child feel during exams?

a) Excited

b) Confident

c) Nervous, anxious, and panicky

6) How would you identify physical signs of stress in children?

a) High appetite for healthy foods

b) Improved sleep patterns

c) Headaches, stomach aches, or other physical complaints

7) Does your child complain of being tired all the time and having trouble falling asleep?

a) No

b) Sometimes

c) Yes

8) Does your child like meeting new people and enjoy social gatherings?

a) Yes, they make friends easily

b) They take some time to mingle but get along well with people

c) Feels isolated and withdraws from social interaction

9) Does your child have emotional outbursts at the slightest of things?

a) No, they are very stable

b) Occasionally, but they swiftly recognize and resolve the issue

c) Frequently, and resolving the issue is challenging

10) Does your child have open conversations with you?

a) Yes

b) Sometimes

c) Never

Now it's time to evaluate your child's stress levels.

2-4 ‘c’: mildly stressed

4-6 ‘c’: moderately stressed

More than 6 ‘c’: your child is highly stressed.

If your choice was ‘c’ for most of the questions, then your child might be at an increased risk for stress. Read our blog to find out how you can actively help your child cope with stress. helping kids manage stress blog

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