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Is Your Child Able To Balance Their Extracurricular Activities And Academics?

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

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Take the quiz to find out

Question 1: How many extracurricular activities does your child participate in, every week?

a) They engage in 3 to 4 activities with ease

b) They participate in 1 or 2 activities, but they struggle to strike a balance

c) None

Question 2: How does your child feel about their extracurricular activities?

a) They enjoy them and don’t feel overwhelmed

b) They like them but sometimes find it challenging to manage time

c) They often feel stressed and overloaded

Question 3: Does your child have a set schedule for both homework and extracurricular activities?

a) Yes they have an organized schedule

b) They have a basic schedule, but if they get deviated, they feel overwhelmed

c) No, they haven't tried making and following a schedule

Question 4: Do you involve your child in discussions about prioritizing their activities and studies?

a) Yes, we discuss and decide together

b) Sometimes, but I often make the decisions

c) No, I decide what they should focus on

Question 5: How does your child react when an activity schedule coincides with an exam date or assignment deadline?

a) They understand their priorities and can make a sensible choice

b) They feel anxious but can manage with support and encouragement

c) They get overwhelmed and give up

Question 6: How often do you notice signs of stress or exhaustion in your child?

a) Rarely, if at all

b) Occasionally, especially during busy weeks

c) Frequently, it seems to be an ongoing issue

Question 7: How much downtime or free time does your child have during a typical week?

a) They have ample downtime for relaxation and free play

b) They have some free time, but not as much as they’d like

c) They rarely have free time due to their busy schedule

Question 8: How would you describe your child’s overall well-being and happiness?

a) They are generally happy and content

b) They have moments of stress but can bounce back with little support

c) They seem consistently stressed and unhappy

Question 9: Are your child’s extracurricular activities aligned with their long-term aspirations and interests?

a) Yes, they are closely related to their interests and future plans

b) Some of them are, others were suggested by me

c) No, there doesn’t seem to be a clear connection


Give 1 point for each answer [a]

Give 2 points for each answer [b]

Give 3 points for each answer [c]


9-13 points: Your child can strike a balance between their academics and extracurricular pursuits. If you continue your support they can emerge as multitalented, happy individuals.

14-22 points: There may be challenges in your child’s journey, but with continued support and planned strategies, you can help them ace all their pursuits.

23-27 points: Your child might be struggling to balance their activities and studies. By understanding their struggles, planning weekly schedules and prioritization, you can reduce significant stress from their lives, and help them emerge victorious.

For a complete guide on strategies to help your child find the right balance between their extracurricular pursuits and academics, read our latest blog:

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