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Week 1: Introduction to Dance Basics

Session 1-2: Introduction to Dance

  • Fun icebreaker activities to get to know each other.

  • Learn basic dance terminology (e.g., step, rhythm, beat).

  • Introduction to simple movements like walking, hopping, and jumping.

Session 3-4: Basic Dance Steps

  • Learn basic dance steps such as side-step, grapevine, and toe-tap.

  • Practice these steps individually and in combinations.

  • Play games that incorporate these movements to reinforce learning.

Week 2: Exploring Different Dance Styles

Session 5-6: Jazz Dance Fun

  • Introduction to jazz dance style through fun and energetic movements.

  • Learn simple jazz dance steps like jazz square, kick-ball-change, and shoulder shimmy.

  • Practice these steps in short combinations to upbeat music.

Session 7-8: Hip-Hop Grooves

  • Introduction to hip-hop dance style with focus on rhythm and attitude.

  • Learn basic hip-hop moves such as body isolations, arm waves, and bounces.

  • Practice these moves individually and in freestyle dance sessions.

Week 3: Creative Expression and Choreography

Session 9-10: Creative Movement

  • Encourage creativity through guided improvisation exercises.

  • Explore different ways to express emotions through movement.

  • Collaborative dance games and activities to foster teamwork and creativity.

Session 11-12: Dance Routine Creation

  • Learn a simple dance routine step-by-step.

  • Break down each part of the routine into manageable sections.

  • Practice putting all the sections together to create a complete dance routine.

Week 4: Performance Preparation and Celebration

Session 13-14: Rehearsal and Polish

  • Review and refine the dance routine learned.

  • Focus on synchronizing movements with music and adding personal flair.

  • Practice performing the routine as a group multiple times to build confidence.

Session 15: Dress Rehearsal

  • Run through the dance routine in costumes or dance attire.

  • Practice entering and exiting the performance space smoothly.

  • Final adjustments and preparations for the upcoming performance.

Session 16: Performance and Celebration

  • Perform the dance routine for family and friends.

  • Celebrate the achievements and progress made during the dance program.

  • Share reflections and memorable moments from the experience.

Western Dance(16 Sessions)

$500.00 Regular Price
$400.00Sale Price
  • Level 1

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