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Learner Circle-Westen Violin Level 1 Curriculum

Session 1: Introduction to the Violin
• Parts of the violin
• Holding the violin and bow correctly
• Placing the fingers on the fingerboard
Session 2: Poster and Safety Tips
• Discuss the importance of posture and safety while playing the violin
• Display a poster illustrating violin parts and proper posture
Session 3: Music Theory Basics
• Introduction to music notation: line and space names on the staff
• Explanation of note values and names
Session 4: Tuning the Violin
• Explanation and demonstration of how to tune the violin using a tuner or tuning fork
Session 5: Sight Reading Basics
• Introduction to sight reading
• Practice reading simple melodies using open strings
Session 6: Practice Techniques
• Developing a practice routine
• Open string exercises: 4 count, 2 count, and 1 count rhythms
Session 7: D-Major Scale (Ascending)

• Learning the D-major scale in ascending order
• Proper fingering technique for ascending the scale
Session 8: D-Major Scale (Descending)
• Descending the D-major scale
• Fingering technique for descending the scale
Session 9: Review and Practice
• Review of D-major scale in both ascending and descending order
• Practice playing the scale with correct fingerings
Session 10: Introduction to Rest Notes
• Explanation of rest notes and their durations
• Sight reading exercises incorporating rest notes
Session 11: Repeating Sections and Repeat Sign
• Explanation of repeat signs in music notation
• Practice playing sections of music with repeat signs
Session 12: D-Major Scale with Rest Notes
• Playing the D-major scale with rest notes incorporated
• Practice reading and playing music with rest notes
Session 13: Advanced Sight Reading
• Sight reading exercises with a focus on more complex rhythms and melodies
Session 14: Applying Techniques
• Applying learned techniques to a variety of musical pieces
• Practice playing music with different rhythms and dynamics
Session 15: Musical Interpretation
• Understanding musical expression and dynamics

• Practice playing music with feeling and expression
Session 16: Final Review and Performance
• Review of all learned material
• Performance of selected pieces for peers or family members

Violin(16 Sessions)

$500.00 Regular Price
$400.00Sale Price
  • Level 1

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