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Week 1: Mastering Freehand Lines and Strokes

Session 1: Mastering Freehand Lines

  • Introduction to freehand drawing techniques.

  • Practice drawing straight, sleeping, and slant lines with equidistance.

  • Exercises to improve line quality and control.

Session 2: Strokes in Sketches

  • Understanding the importance of strokes in sketching.

  • Introduction to different types of strokes: hatching, cross-hatching, stippling.

  • Practice exercises on applying strokes to create texture and depth in sketches.

Session 3: Practice Lines and Strokes

  • Further practice on drawing straight, sleeping, and slant lines.

  • Experimenting with different stroke techniques in sketching.

  • Combining lines and strokes to create basic shapes and forms.

Session 4: Application of Strokes Method

  • Understanding how strokes are applied to create different textures and effects.

  • Practice exercises on using strokes to sketch simple objects like fruits or household items.

  • Experimenting with variations in stroke direction, pressure, and spacing.

Week 2: Gradient Lines and Shades

Session 5: Gradient Lines and Shades

  • Introduction to creating gradient shades in shading and sketching.

  • Practice exercises using different types of HB pencils to create smooth gradients.

  • Understanding the concept of value and contrast in shading.

Session 6: Sketching a Leaf Using Strokes

  • Demonstration of sketching a leaf using various stroke techniques.

  • Practice exercises on shading a leaf realistically with strokes.

  • Understanding how strokes can be used to depict texture and detail.

Session 7: Application of Strokes in Shading

  • Further exploration of using strokes to shade objects.

  • Practice exercises on shading simple geometric shapes (cube, cone, pyramid, cylinder) using strokes.

  • Understanding how strokes can be used to create volume and form in shading.

Session 8: Lighting in Shading

  • Understanding how the source of light impacts shading in sketches.

  • Practice exercises on shading objects from different angles of light source.

  • Experimenting with creating highlights and shadows to depict realistic lighting.

Week 3: Object Shading and Types of Shading

Session 9: Object Shading

  • Learning to shade different shapes and objects with respect to lighting.

  • Practice shading a cube, cone, pyramid, and cylinder using stroke techniques.

  • Understanding how lighting affects the form and shadows of objects.

Session 10: Types of Shading

  • Introduction to six different types of shading techniques.

  • Learning where and how each shading technique can be implemented in sketches.

  • Practice exercises on implementing various shading techniques in sketches.

Session 11: Test

  • A test will be conducted to assess understanding and proficiency in all the previously mentioned learnings.

Session 12: Still Life Drawing - Pot and Wine Glass

  • Sketching and shading a pot and wine glass along with their shadows, considering the angle of the light source.

  • Practice exercises on capturing the form and lighting of still life objects realistically.

Week 4: Realistic Sketching and Final Test

Session 13: Realistic Sketching - Hibiscus Flower

  • Step-by-step demonstration on sketching a Hibiscus flower realistically.

  • Practice exercises on shading the leaves and petals with attention to detail.

  • Understanding how to create a realistic depiction of nature in sketches.

Session 14: Test

  • A test will be conducted to evaluate proficiency in all the learnings covered throughout the course.

Session 15: Sketching a Sea Shell

  • Sketching a cockle sea shell and shading the ribs using the erase method.

  • Practice exercises on capturing the texture and form of the sea shell realistically.

Session 16: Conclusion and Review

  • Reviewing key concepts and techniques covered throughout the course.

  • Providing feedback and suggestions for further improvement.

Sketching & Shading(16 Sessions)

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