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Python Level 1 Curriculum

Session 1: Introduction to Python

  • Overview of Python programming language.

  • Features of Python: simplicity, readability, versatility.

  • Setting up Python environment (installation, IDEs).

Session 2: Data Types in Python

  • Introduction to basic data types: int, float, string, boolean.

  • Understanding data type conversion and type casting.

  • Practice exercises on data type manipulation.

Session 3: Operators in Python

  • Overview of arithmetic, comparison, logical, and assignment operators.

  • Practice exercises on using operators in Python.

Session 4: Components of a Python Program

  • Understanding the structure of a Python program: statements, functions, classes.

  • Introduction to modules and packages.

  • Writing your first Python program.

Week 2: Control Statements and Functions

Session 5: Control Statements - Part 1

  • Introduction to control statements: if, elif, else.

  • Practice exercises on conditional statements.

Session 6: Control Statements - Part 2

  • Overview of loop statements: for loop, while loop.

  • Practice exercises on loop structures.

Session 7: Break and Continue Statements

  • Understanding the use of break and continue statements.

  • Practice exercises on using break and continue in loops.

Session 8: Functions in Python

  • Introduction to functions: defining, calling, and passing arguments.

  • Understanding function parameters and return values.

  • Practice exercises on writing and using functions.

Week 3: Data Structures in Python

Session 9: Lists

  • Introduction to lists: creating, accessing elements, list methods.

  • Practice exercises on list manipulation.

Session 10: Tuples

  • Overview of tuples: creating, accessing elements, tuple methods.

  • Differences between lists and tuples.

  • Practice exercises on tuple manipulation.

Session 11: Dictionaries

  • Introduction to dictionaries: creating, accessing elements, dictionary methods.

  • Understanding key-value pairs and dictionary operations.

  • Practice exercises on dictionary manipulation.

Session 12: Sets

  • Overview of sets: creating, adding, removing elements, set methods.

  • Understanding set operations like union, intersection, difference.

  • Practice exercises on set manipulation.

Week 4: Strings, OOP Basics, and Advanced Topics

Session 13: Strings in Python

  • Introduction to strings: creating, accessing characters, string methods.

  • Practice exercises on string manipulation and formatting.

Session 14: Object-Oriented Programming Basics

  • Overview of object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts: classes and objects.

  • Defining classes, creating objects, and accessing attributes and methods.

  • Practice exercises on implementing classes and objects.

Session 15: Control Statements

  • Advanced control statements: nested loops, loop control statements.

  • Practice exercises on complex loop structures.

Session 16: Exceptions Handling and Files Operation

  • Introduction to exceptions handling: try, except, finally blocks.

  • Reading from and writing to files in Python.

  • Practice exercises on handling exceptions and file operations.

Python(16 Sessions)

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  • Level 1


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