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Week 1: Introduction to Landscape Painting

Session 1: Overview of Landscape Painting

  • Introduction to landscape painting as a genre.

  • Discussion on key elements of landscapes: sky, land, water, and foreground.

  • Inspirational examples of famous landscape artists and their works.

Session 2: Understanding Composition

  • Exploring composition principles such as rule of thirds, focal point, and leading lines.

  • Practice exercises on sketching basic landscape compositions.

  • Group critique and feedback on composition sketches.

Session 3: Introduction to Color Theory

  • Basics of color theory: primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

  • Understanding color schemes: monochromatic, analogous, complementary.

  • Color mixing exercises using acrylic paints to create harmonious palettes.

Session 4: Sketching Landscapes

  • Introduction to sketching techniques for landscapes.

  • Practice sketching different elements of landscapes: trees, mountains, and structures.

  • Guidance on capturing perspective and depth in sketches.

Week 2: Painting Techniques and Styles

Session 5: Acrylic Strokes

  • Demonstration of basic acrylic painting techniques: dry brush, wet-on-wet, and impasto.

  • Practice exercises on creating various textures and strokes using acrylic paints.

  • Individual experimentation with different brush sizes and techniques.

Session 6: Canvas Preparation and Backgrounds

  • Preparation of canvas surfaces for painting: priming and background application.

  • Demonstration of techniques for creating sky and ground backgrounds.

  • Practice painting simple landscape backgrounds on canvas.

Session 7: Landscape Painting from Reference

  • Step-by-step demonstration of painting a landscape from a reference photo.

  • Guidance on color mixing, brushwork, and layering techniques.

  • Individual painting session with personalized feedback and assistance.

Session 8: Bokeh Effect Painting

  • Introduction to bokeh effect and its application in landscape painting.

  • Demonstration of techniques for creating bokeh using acrylic paints.

  • Practice exercises on incorporating bokeh effect into landscape compositions.

Week 3: Advanced Techniques and Special Effects

Session 9: Candlelight Painting

  • Exploration of painting landscapes with candlelight as the primary light source.

  • Demonstration of techniques for capturing mood and atmosphere with warm tones.

  • Practice exercises on creating depth and contrast in candlelight scenes.

Session 10: Aesthetic Landscape Painting

  • Introduction to aesthetic style in landscape painting: soft colors, dreamy atmospheres.

  • Demonstration of techniques for creating aesthetic landscapes using acrylics.

  • Individual painting session focusing on personal interpretation and style.

Session 11: Flower and Background Study

  • Study of flowers and their integration into landscape compositions.

  • Demonstration of techniques for painting flowers and foliage in the foreground.

  • Practice exercises on creating depth and realism in floral elements.

Session 12: Still Life Painting

  • Introduction to still life painting with natural elements: fruits, flowers, and objects.

  • Demonstration of techniques for arranging and composing still life setups.

  • Individual painting session focusing on capturing light, shadow, and texture.

Week 4: Refinement and Final Projects

Session 13: Blending Techniques

  • Overview of blending techniques for smooth transitions and gradients.

  • Demonstration of wet blending, dry brushing, and glazing techniques.

  • Practice exercises on blending colors seamlessly in landscape paintings.

Session 14: Sketching and Watercolor Leaves/Flowers

  • Introduction to sketching techniques for leaves and flowers.

  • Demonstration of watercolor techniques for painting botanical elements.

  • Practice exercises on sketching and painting leaves and flowers from observation.

Session 15: Final Touches and Refinements

  • Review and critique of works in progress.

  • Guidance on adding final details, highlights, and finishing touches.

  • Individual painting session with assistance and feedback from the instructor.

Session 16: Exhibition and Celebration

  • Display and sharing of completed landscape paintings.

  • Celebration of progress and achievements made throughout the program.

  • Reflections on personal growth and future artistic endeavors.

Painting(16 Sessions)

$500.00 Regular Price
$400.00Sale Price
  • Level 1


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