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Malayalam Curriculum Level 1
Module 1: Introduction to Malayalam

1.1 Understanding Malayalam: Introduction to
the Malayalam language, its origin, and
1.2 Malayalam Alphabets: Learning the
Malayalam script (Aksharamala) and basic
vowel and consonant sounds.
1.3 Basic Greetings and Expressions: Learning
common greetings, expressions, and simple
phrases in Malayalam.

Module 2: Malayalam Reading
2.1 Reading Practice: Starting with simple
Malayalam words and short sentences.

2.2 Building Vocabulary: Introducing common
words related to daily life, family, food, and
2.3 Reading Comprehension: Reading short
passages and answering questions to improve
comprehension skills.

Module 3: Malayalam Writing
3.1 Writing Practice: Practicing writing
Malayalam alphabets and simple words.
3.2 Forming Sentences: Constructing basic
sentences using learned vocabulary and
3.3 Creative Writing: Engaging in writing short
stories, descriptions, and personal narratives in

Module 4: Malayalam Speaking

4.1 Pronunciation Practice: Focusing on correct
pronunciation of Malayalam sounds and words.
4.2 Conversational Skills: Participating in
dialogues and role-plays to practice speaking
Malayalam in everyday situations.
4.3 Speaking Exercises: Engaging in oral
presentations, discussions, and storytelling
activities in Malayalam.

Module 5: Malayalam Culture and Context
5.1 Cultural Insights: Learning about Kerala's
culture, traditions, festivals, and customs.
5.2 Appreciating Literature: Introduction to
Malayalam literature, poetry, and famous
literary works.
5.3 Immersion Activities: Watching Malayalam
movies, listening to songs, and exploring

Malayalam media to enhance language

Module 6: Assessment and Review
6.1 Progress Evaluation: Assessing reading,
writing, and speaking skills through quizzes,
assignments, and assessments.
6.2 Review and Feedback: Reflecting on
learning progress and receiving feedback for
6.3 Goal Setting: Setting personal language
learning goals and planning for continued
advancement in Malayalam proficiency.

Module 7: Celebration and Graduation
7.1 Showcase Event: Presenting language skills
in a final project, performance, or exhibition.

7.2 Graduation Ceremony: Celebrating
completion of the beginner level Malayalam
7.3 Continuing the Journey: Exploring
opportunities for further learning and
immersion in the Malayalam language and

Malayalam(16 Sessions)

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