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Week 1: Introduction to Indian Classical Music and Vocal Techniques

Session 1: Basics of Indian Classical Music

  • Introduction to Indian classical music and its components.

  • Singing posture and pre-singing stretches.

  • Deep belly breathing technique.

  • Practice singing the note "Sa" and basic vocal exercises (palta 1&2).

Session 2: Indian Classical Vocal Warm-up (Palta)

  • Introduction to palta exercises for vocal warm-up.

  • Practice palta 1-6 focusing on vocal agility and flexibility.

Session 3: Advanced Palta Exercises

  • Introduction to more complex palta exercises for Hindustani vocal warm-up.

  • Practice palta exercises with variations in speed and pitch.

Session 4: Bhajan: Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram

  • Learn the bhajan "Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram".

  • Focus on correct pronunciation and expression while singing.

Week 2: Introduction to Raag Bilawal

Session 5: Importance of Aakar and Alankaras

  • Understand the importance of aakar (pronunciation) in Indian classical music.

  • Practice singing alankaras/paltas in aakar.

Session 6: Introduction to Raagas: Raag Bilawal

  • Introduction to the raag Bilawal, its characteristics, and scale.

  • Learn basic phrases and patterns in Raag Bilawal.

Session 7: Swarmalika in Raag Bilawal

  • Practice swarmalika exercises in Raag Bilawal.

  • Focus on maintaining correct pitch and rhythm.

Session 8: Raag Bilawal Druthkhayal

  • Introduction to the Druthkhayal composition in Raag Bilawal.

  • Practice singing the composition with correct pronunciation and expression.

Week 3: Understanding Taal and Dynamics

Session 9: Concept of Taal

  • Introduction to the concept of taal (rhythm) in Indian classical music.

  • Learn about different types of taal and their compositions.

Session 10: Dynamics in Music

  • Explore the concept of dynamics in music, including variations in volume and intensity.

  • Practice singing phrases with different dynamics to convey emotions.

Session 11: Introduction to Raag Bhupali

  • Introduction to Raag Bhupali, its scale, and characteristics.

  • Learn basic phrases and patterns in Raag Bhupali.

Session 12: Raag Bhupali Swarmalika and Alankaras

  • Practice swarmalika exercises and alankaras in Raag Bhupali.

  • Focus on mastering the melodic structure and ornamentations of the raag.

Week 4: Advanced Practice and Performance

Session 13: Raag Bhupali Druthkhayal

  • Learn the Druthkhayal composition in Raag Bhupali.

  • Practice singing the composition with correct rhythm and expression.

Session 14: Correct Process of Daily Riyaz

  • Understand the importance of daily practice (riyaz) in Indian classical music.

  • Learn effective riyaz techniques and practice routines.

Session 15: Teen Taal Description and Practice

  • Introduction to Teen Taal, a common rhythm cycle in Indian classical music.

  • Practice singing compositions and improvisations in Teen Taal.

Session 16: Performance and Conclusion

  • Perform the bhajan "Gouri Suth Ganraj" in Raag Bhupali.

  • Review key concepts and techniques covered throughout the course.

  • Discuss future practice goals and areas for improvement.

Hindustani vocals(16 Sessions)

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