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Week 1: Introduction to SAT English

Session 1: Overview of the SAT English Section

  • Introduction to the structure and format of the SAT English section.

  • Explanation of the types of questions: Reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary.

  • Discuss the importance of time management and pacing.

Session 2: Reading Comprehension Strategies

  • Introduction to reading comprehension strategies.

  • Practice identifying main ideas, supporting details, and author's tone.

  • Analyze sample reading passages and answer questions.

Session 3: Sentence Structure and Grammar Basics

  • Overview of basic grammar rules and sentence structure.

  • Practice identifying and correcting common grammar errors.

  • Review parts of speech, sentence types, and punctuation.

Session 4: Vocabulary Building Techniques

  • Introduction to strategies for expanding vocabulary.

  • Practice using context clues to determine word meanings.

  • Review common SAT vocabulary words and prefixes/suffixes.

Week 2: In-depth Analysis and Practice

Session 5: Advanced Reading Comprehension Skills

  • Review strategies for understanding complex passages and inference questions.

  • Practice analyzing tone, purpose, and rhetorical devices in passages.

  • Discuss effective note-taking techniques for reading comprehension.

Session 6: Advanced Grammar and Usage

  • Review advanced grammar concepts such as subject-verb agreement, parallelism, and modifiers.

  • Practice identifying and correcting advanced grammar errors in sentences.

  • Discuss common pitfalls and tricky grammar rules.

Session 7: Vocabulary Expansion

  • Focus on strategies for memorizing and retaining new vocabulary words.

  • Practice using word roots, prefixes, and suffixes to decipher word meanings.

  • Review strategies for guessing unfamiliar words on the SAT.

Session 8: Critical Analysis and Writing Style

  • Discuss strategies for analyzing author's argument and writing style in passages.

  • Practice identifying the author's purpose, tone, and persuasive techniques.

  • Review effective ways to structure and organize writing.

Week 3: Practice Tests and Review

Session 9: Practice Test - Reading Comprehension

  • Administer a timed practice test for reading comprehension.

  • Review answers and discuss strategies for improving accuracy and speed.

  • Identify areas of weakness and review specific question types.

Session 10: Practice Test - Grammar and Vocabulary

  • Administer a timed practice test for grammar and vocabulary.

  • Review answers and discuss common errors and misconceptions.

  • Provide additional practice on identified areas of weakness.

Session 11: Review and Error Analysis

  • Review mistakes from practice tests and identify patterns.

  • Discuss strategies for avoiding common pitfalls and improving accuracy.

  • Provide targeted practice and reinforcement on specific topics.

Session 12: Full-length Practice Test

  • Administer a full-length practice test covering all sections of the SAT English.

  • Simulate test-day conditions and timing.

  • Review answers and discuss overall performance and areas for improvement.

Week 4: Final Review and Test Strategies

Session 13: Review of Practice Test Results

  • Review results from the full-length practice test and identify progress.

  • Discuss strategies for managing test anxiety and stress.

  • Address any remaining questions or concerns.

Session 14: Test-taking Strategies

  • Review effective test-taking strategies for the SAT English section.

  • Discuss pacing techniques, guessing strategies, and time management.

  • Provide tips for staying focused and maintaining concentration during the test.

Session 15: Final Practice and Confidence-building

  • Administer a final round of practice questions and passages.

  • Focus on building confidence and reinforcing learned strategies.

  • Provide encouragement and support for test day.

Session 16: Wrap-up and Final Tips

  • Review key concepts and strategies covered throughout the course.

  • Provide final tips and reminders for test day.

  • Encourage students to stay positive and confident in their abilities.

English SAT(60 Sessions)

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