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Week 1: Introduction to Drawing Fundamentals

Session 1: Introduction to One Point Perspective

  • Learn the basics of one-point perspective drawing.

  • Demonstrate how to draw simple shapes using one-point perspective.

  • Assign homework to draw three shapes using one-point perspective.

Session 2: Refining One Point Perspective

  • Review homework and provide feedback.

  • Practice darkening main lines in the perspective drawing.

  • Discuss shading techniques to add depth and dimension.

Session 3: Hyperrealistic Lips and Nose

  • Learn techniques for drawing realistic lips and noses.

  • Demonstrate hyperrealistic shading and highlighting methods.

  • Assign homework to redraw lips and practice nose drawing.

Session 4: Perfecting Facial Features

  • Review homework and provide individualized feedback.

  • Practice perfecting lips and noses with additional exercises.

  • Assign homework to redraw front-facing and sideways-facing noses.

Week 2: Character Sketching and Cartoon Drawing

Session 5: Cartoon Boy Face

  • Introduce cartoon character sketching basics.

  • Demonstrate how to draw a cartoon boy's face step-by-step.

  • Assign homework to practice drawing cartoon boy faces.

Session 6: Anime Eyes and Girl's Face

  • Learn how to draw anime-style eyes.

  • Demonstrate drawing a girl's face in an anime style.

  • Assign homework to practice drawing anime eyes and girl's faces.

Session 7: Cartoon Animal Study - Cat

  • Study basic anatomy and features of a cat.

  • Demonstrate drawing a cartoon-style cat.

  • Assign homework to practice drawing cat eyes and fur textures.

Week 3: Drawing Techniques and Styles

Session 8: Griffin Drawing and Feather Details

  • Learn how to draw a griffin and its feathers.

  • Demonstrate techniques for detailing feathers.

  • Assign homework to practice drawing griffins and feathers.

Session 9: Smudging Colors and Basic Drawing

  • Introduce the technique of smudging colors for blending.

  • Practice basic drawing exercises using smudging techniques.

  • Assign homework to experiment with different smudging techniques.

Session 10: Different Coloring Techniques

  • Explore various coloring techniques such as shading, hatching, and stippling.

  • Demonstrate how to apply each technique to create different effects.

  • Assign homework to practice coloring patterns using different techniques.

Week 4: Exploring Cultural and Artistic Styles

Session 11: Warli Art and Basic Drawing

  • Introduce Warli art, a traditional Indian tribal art form.

  • Demonstrate basic Warli drawing techniques and patterns.

  • Assign homework to create Warli-inspired drawings.

Session 12: Exploring Different Drawing Techniques

  • Review various drawing techniques covered throughout the program.

  • Provide time for students to experiment with different techniques.

  • Assign homework to create drawings using their preferred techniques.

Session 13: Drawing with Circles and Curves

  • Focus on basic drawing exercises using circles and curve strokes.

  • Practice drawing objects and characters using circle-based construction.

  • Assign homework to create drawings using circle and curve strokes.

Session 14: Exploring Different Art Styles

  • Introduce students to various art styles and genres.

  • Provide examples and demonstrations of different styles.

  • Encourage students to experiment with different styles in their drawings.

Session 15: Mastering Basic Drawing Techniques

  • Review fundamental drawing techniques and principles.

  • Provide individualized feedback and guidance on student drawings.

  • Encourage students to continue practicing and refining their skills.

Session 16: Drawing Showcase and Reflection

  • Allow students to showcase their favorite drawings from the program.

  • Provide time for reflection and discussion on their drawing journey.

  • Celebrate progress and achievements with a drawing activity or game.

Drawing(16 Sessions)

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  • Level 1

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