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Week 1: Introduction to AI and Core Concepts

Session 1: Introduction to AI

  • Introduce AI using relatable examples like voice assistants and recommendation systems.

  • Discuss AI's impact on daily lives.

  • Play a short AI-themed game.

Session 2: Basics of AI

  • Explain core concepts of AI, including machine learning and neural networks.

  • Introduce the idea of training a model to make predictions.

  • Play an AI game demonstrating training and prediction.

Session 3: Image Recognition

  • Show examples of image recognition.

  • Hands-on activity using an image recognition tool.

  • Discuss real-life applications.

Session 4: Natural Language Processing

  • Explain how AI understands human language.

  • Showcase real-life examples.

  • Play an AI game involving chatbots or voice commands.

Week 2: Applications of AI

Session 5: AI and Gaming

  • Discuss AI in video games.

  • Introduce game AI algorithms.

  • Play an AI-powered game.

Session 6: AI in Health and Medicine

  • Explore AI applications in healthcare.

  • Discuss AI in medical imaging and diagnosis.

  • Engage in a medical diagnosis simulation.

Session 7: AI and Music

  • Explore AI's role in music.

  • Introduce AI-generated music platforms.

  • Play an AI game involving music creation.

Session 8: Robotics and AI

  • Explain how AI enables robots.

  • Showcase examples of AI in robots.

  • Hands-on activity with programmable robots.

Week 3: Advanced AI Topics and Implications

Session 9: AI and Virtual Assistants

  • Explore capabilities of virtual assistants.

  • Discuss how they understand and respond to commands.

  • Play an AI game with a virtual assistant.

Session 10: AI and Ethics

  • Discuss ethical considerations in AI.

  • Engage in a discussion about responsible AI use.

  • Play an AI game focusing on ethical decision-making.

Session 11: AI and Transportation

  • Explore AI applications in transportation.

  • Discuss safety, efficiency, and convenience.

  • Play an AI game related to transportation systems.

Session 12: AI and Virtual Reality

  • Discuss AI-enhanced virtual reality experiences.

  • Showcase examples of AI in VR.

  • Experience AI-enhanced VR games or simulations.

Week 4: Specialized Applications of AI

Session 13: AI and Environmental Sustainability

  • Explore AI applications in environmental sustainability.

  • Discuss real-life examples.

  • Engage in a hands-on activity promoting sustainability.

Session 14: AI and Social Media

  • Discuss AI's role in social media.

  • Explore algorithms' influence.

  • Play an AI game analyzing social media data.

Session 15: AI and Cybersecurity

  • Explore AI in cybersecurity.

  • Discuss online privacy and protection.

  • Engage in a simulated cybersecurity activity.

Session 16: AI and Space Exploration

  • Discuss AI in space exploration.

  • Explore examples from space agencies.

  • Play an AI game simulating space missions.

Artificial Intelligence(16 Sessions)

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